Birth Doula Services

If you’ve heard about doulas but are unsure about what a birth doula is and does, check out our Birth Doula FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions!

Parenting begins here

At Doulas of Memphis, we know that having a baby is more than giving birth. It’s an event that changes your family and your world as you know it. It’s when you begin to find your voice as a parent. Our birth doulas support you wherever you are, whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve been around the block before. Our desire is for you to feel cared for, validated, and confident in the decisions you make.

Better together

We believe in teamwork — when you choose Doulas of Memphis, you work with a team of doulas who are there with you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and the earliest days of parenthood. During your prenatal visit and through phone calls and emails, we get to know you and your preferences for birth. That same teamwork extends from your home and into your labor and delivery room. You’ve chosen your doctor carefully and we respect the relationship of trust you’ve built with them during your pregnancy. While they help ensure the safest birth possible, we work alongside them to support your physical comfort and the emotional well-being of both you and your partner.

Transitioning home

After your baby is born, we help you settle in as you get acquainted with your newest family member. Our support continues as we follow up by phone after 3 days, and again at home within the first 10 days to see how you are adjusting and answer any questions you may have.

Your Doulas of Memphis birth doulas

  • Work in teams who share a call schedule and get to know you (no backups necessary)
  • Go on call 24/7 from the moment you sign your contract
  • Check in with you throughout your pregnancy
  • Are experts at attuning to your needs
  • Support you physically and emotionally through all types of hospital birth, including unmedicated, epidural, inductions, cesareans, VBAC, multiples, and more
  • Provide an in-home postpartum follow-up visit
  • Are professional and trained

    Birth doula packages starting at $995