A doula agency with Memphis in mind

We do things a little differently at Doulas of Memphis. As an agency, we are able to provide clients with more consistent support as they welcome the newest members of their families. We don’t have an agenda or a philosophy outside of what you feel is best for your family and what you need as an individual.  We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism and accountability. We’ve created sustainability for our affiliated doulas so that they can always bring you the best that they have to offer. We work to build relationships not only with you, but also with the people you’ve entrusted with your care — because when you feel completely supported, everyone wins.


Our Values


  • Reliability: We believe in having a plan B and C so that our clients can feel confident we will be there for them.

  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our words and actions and are willing to accept criticism.

  • Confidentiality: We never share personal information about our clients with anyone.

  • Professionalism: We maintain an LLC and believe in being above reproach at all times.


  • Continued learning: We seek out opportunities for continued learning and growth.

  • Experience: We are trained and experienced in working with a variety of birth and parenting styles.

  • Guidance: We provide hands-on guidance and support to families from the postpartum period through age 3.

  • Empowerment: We help clients gain confidence and feel empowered as they enter parenthood for the first time and beyond.


  • Medical professionals: We respect and maintain positive relationships with medical professionals and hospitals.

  • Community involvement: We strive to be involved in the community through connecting with local businesses and organizations.

  • Nurture relationships: We work together with our clients' trusted family, friends, and medical teams.


  • Compassion: We care deeply about our clients and want them to feel supported and understood.

  • Active listening: We listen without judgement or bias and strive to respond instead of react.

  • Individual approach: We do not endorse one way to give birth or parent.

  • Respect: We respect the autonomy and decisions of our clients.


Meet the Owners

Co-owners Abby Powell (right) and Lindsey Hanna (left) met at a playdate, became fast friends, and saw an opportunity to change perceptions of doulas in Memphis from a niche for natural-birth hopefuls to professional support that is accessible to a wide variety of birth and parenting styles. After several years they realized there was an even greater need for quality support after baby comes home, and the course of Doulas of Memphis shifted to provide families with this type of excellent, focused care.

Abby K. Powell: Family Care Coordinator | Postpartum | Sleep Training

Abby is a classically trained musician who grew up in the Midwest, but found love in Memphis and will always call it home. After graduating with her degree in music performance from The University of Memphis, Abby played in local music groups and ran a private music studio teaching French horn. When her first son was born, Abby shifted gears and realized her real passion was supporting women and families. She worked as a solo doula for a while and when she saw a need for sustainability for doulas in Memphis, Doulas of Memphis was born. She lives in Memphis with her husband Arron and their three children. 

Lindsey Hanna: Operations Manager | Newborn Care Specialist | Education

Lindsey is a native Memphian and has been taking care of women her whole life. She worked as a labor and delivery nurse before having children, and after experiencing her own births herself she decided that she wanted to nurture women like only a doula does. Lindsey has a passion to see women enter into the new phase of life that is motherhood and to support growing families as they adjust to new challenges. Lindsey lives in Germantown, TN with her husband Thor, three children, and miniature doxie. 

Our Mission

As the premier doula agency of Greater Memphis, Doulas of Memphis is committed to providing families with collaborative, balanced care. Our innovative agency model allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of support. Our professional doulas support families by providing the physical, educational, and emotional support they need while nurturing their existing relationships with physicians, trusted friends, and family. Doulas of Memphis seeks to change perceptions and elevate the role of a doula in the eyes of the community through quality service for a variety of birth and parenting styles.