Youve never had this baby before.


Pregnancy and birth is uncharted territory for many. For others, it’s something you’ve only done once or twice. You may be nervous about the process or looking for a different experience. We get it, and we can help. Birth doulas are experienced helping hands in an unfamiliar environment.

Guiding women and their families through pregnancy and the labor and delivery process is our passion. We are familiar with local hospitals and physicians, and we have experience supporting many different types of hospital birth. While your physician and the hospital staff help ensure a safe and healthy delivery, a birth doula works alongside to help you and your partner feel comfortable and connected to the experience. 


No matter how you choose to give birth, having a baby is hard work and you need support for the journey ahead. 

During pregnancy, we spend time getting to know you, learning about your preferences, helping you explore your options, and going over what you can expect when you arrive at the hospital. We’re always available to answer questions and provide a listening ear. 

When it’s time to put those plans into action, your doula is there by your side with her calm and reassuring presence. We help partners feel involved and in the loop while ensuring that they can take care of themselves, too. If your plans change, we are flexible and adjust with you. The physical and emotional support of a doula is available for all types of birth, from unmedicated “natural” birth to a more managed approach. 

What's included in our birth doula packages:

Prices from $995

  • Two doulas: your primary doula, and a secondary doula who is available if the need arises
  • On-call from contract signing: we are there when you need us, not just from 37 weeks
  • Phone and e-mail support: your primary doula is available for questions during the day, and around the clock for urgent matters
  • One prenatal visit: both doulas meet you in your home, go over your preferences for birth,  talk through what to do when labor begins, and take time to answer any questions you have
  • Labor support: we come when you call and stay with you through delivery and the 1-2 hours after  
  • Postpartum follow-up: a low-key home visit to check on you (not your house, we promise), answer questions, and help connect you with any resources you need

Want postpartum care too? Choose a combined birth and postpartum package, or add postpartum care at any time.