Doulas are like Grizzlies Fans

Everybody knows that Memphis Grizzlies fans are a special breed. Grit and Grind, All Heart, and Believe Memphis are more than slogans; they tap in to what makes us proud to call Memphis home. If you're not already familiar with what a doula is and what we're all about, we're here to tell you how doulas are a lot like Grizzlies fans! No age limit for Grizzlies fans!

Let's break it down:

Doulas and Grizzlies Fans provide unconditional support.

Grizzlies fans aren't fair-weather fans. Whether they're faced with injured players like Marc Gasol and Mike Conley or celebrating a big win over the Cavs, Grizzlies fans show up for their team no matter what. In the same way, doulas are there to support families unconditionally through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. We're on call and ready to show up no matter the outcome. Instead of sitting in the stands, we're courtside offering physical help, practical suggestions, and the encouragement you need to make it through.

Doulas and Grizzlies Fans work with awesome grandparents!

Not every baby's grandparents can dance like the Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas, but we sure are glad to have them around. Grandparents who are supportive, involved, and ready for fun are worth their weight in gold! Much like Grizzlies fans cheer the Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas on from the stands, doulas love grandparents and come alongside them to support new parents. With a doula on your team, your mom or dad can focus on the excitement of welcoming a grandbaby while knowing their baby is in great hands!

Doulas and Grizzlies Fans are there for all of the highs and the lows.

Grizzlies fansBasketball games, birth, and those early days of a new baby come with a wide range of emotions: anticipation, excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, celebration, relief, etc. These emotions can be felt before, during, and after a game, and Grizzlies fans are present for all of them. Between Tony Allen with a great defensive stop, the playoffs, and anticipation of the upcoming draft,  there's never a dull moment for Grizzlies fans. Doulas similarly are there to ride the emotional roller coaster with families through the time surrounding welcoming a new baby. The important difference, however, is that doulas are able to remain unbiased and emotionally you and your family. The Grizzlies are a different thing altogether ;).

Even after the game is over, Doulas and Grizzlies Fans continue the support at home.

True Grizzlies fans are fans all year round. When they aren't cheering the Grizzlies on in The Grindhouse, they're supporting their team from home. They are engaged on social media and eagerly await the next game or new season. Doulas are there for you inside the birth room and inside your living room. Postpartum doulas help you as you adjust to the long game of parenthood after you're finished with the big event of giving birth. They can help you draft your playbook for those newborn days, work alongside you, and support you as you get to know the newest player on your team!



Doulas and Grizzlies Fans are both parts of the bigger picture.

The Memphis Grizzlies don't exist in a vacuum and neither do the fans! In addition to fans coming to games and tuning in from home, the Grizzlies have a larger support network. There are coaches, managers, the FedEx Forum, the mascot Grizz, The Grizz Girls, The Grizz Line, The Grizz Grannies and Grandpas, marketing experts, media gurus, and many other support staff that work to help the team be the best they can be and to ensure that fans can have the best experience possible. That's what doulas do. We exist in the context of your support network that includes friends and family, OBGYNs, nurses, pediatricians, and lactation specialists. You are the star of the show and we work with your team towards a common goal so that you can have the best experience possible for you.