To the dads who roll up their sleeves | Father's Day 2016

Father's Day is June 19th and while this holiday may come with mixed emotions for many, we're choosing here at Doulas of Memphis to celebrate the dads who roll up their sleeves.

Family dynamics are changing in our society, and men are more involved in the home now than they have ever been. In the blogosphere it's abundantly clear that dads are not babysitters, that they have value beyond breadwinning, and that their roles as parents are important and worth celebrating.

So here's to you, the dads who roll up their sleeves:

To the dads who walk into the door after a long day and jump right in to the work of parenting.

To the new dads and the been-there-done-that dads.

To the dads who change diapers.

To the dads who wake up to rock, bounce, soothe, and give moms the gift of rest.

To the dads who cook dinner, who pick up groceries, who do the dishes.

To the dads who conquer bath time and read bedtime stories.

To the dads who tickle little tummies and nibble little toes.

To the dads who make feeding the baby possible through support and encouragement.

To the dads who hit the park and kiss boo-boos all better.

To the dads who know when it's time to hold space and hold you close and when it's time to find a solution.

To the dads who make sure the coffee is there.

To the dads who stay at home and keep the wheels turning.

To the dads who aren't afraid to do things differently from everyone around them.

To the dads who have gone before and left us with legacies to remember.

To the nerdy dads.

To the sports-loving dads.

To the handyman dads and the call-the-plumber dads.

To the dads who don't babysit and instead cherish time alone with their children.

To the single dads who put up and show up to provide for their children.

To the dad who put aside differences to do what is best.

To the dads who lift moms up.

To the dads who teach us integrity and discipline with love and compassion.

This Father's Day, and every day, we see you. We love you. We value you and appreciate you.  Thank you for joining us on this wild ride of parenthood!

Father's Day