I love you more | Grandparents Day

For as long as I can remember, every time I have told my mom, "I love you," she has responded with the words, "I love you more."

When I was little, my sister and I would try to make it a contest. "No, Mommy! I love YOU more!" She always laughed and would reply, "One day when you have kids of your own, you'll understand." We were kids, so we usually just shrugged her off and went back to playing.

Then I had a baby of my own, and realized she was right. I haven't argued with her about it since.

That love, that mama bear love, it does something to you. They're right, it really is your heart outside of your body, opening up floodgates of things you didn't even know you could feel before. It's a small soul to tend and water and watch bloom into something.

grandparents day

I'm sure one day when my baby has a baby, I'll understand more of what it's like from my mom's point of view.

When I asked her how becoming "Nana" changed her, she quipped, "Well, then you got bumped down the line and I loved them more, and I never had any money ever again. Don't expect me to get too deep here! Call your Grammy!" Oh, if my children grow up with half of her sense of humor they will live lives full of laughter.

All silliness aside, she told me that watching her grandchildren instantly and vividly took her back to when we were small. Those memories helped love grow and expand through one generation and on to the next.

"There's just something about it, Abby. I can't explain it. It's so precious." My children are surrounded with loving and attentive grandparents, and as sweet as watching that bond is from my perspective, I can't imagine what its like from the other side.  As far as mine and my husband's parents go, we've hit the grandparent jackpot.

My children's grandparents have let us find our way as parents, supported us in our choices, and partnered with us to help raise little boys into bigger boys who will one day become big, strong men.

They've wiped noses, changed diapers, watched babies, read books, played games, and laughed and played and cuddled with energy that they saved up special, just for them.

This Grandparents Day, we want to thank the grandparents in our lives for the way you love us, and how you always have room to love us more.

Authored by Abby K. Powell