Private childbirth classes to the rescue for busy Memphis families!

So you're getting a ways into your pregnancy and your to-do list is growing! You've gotten your ultrasound, registered for baby showers, and maybe even gotten a few baby items. You know you should probably take a childbirth class, but you can't find one that fits your schedule and you don't want to take up a whole Saturday at the hospital. Can't we just do this at home? Are private childbirth classes a thing? private childbirth classes

Good news: private childbirth classes are totally a thing!

Even better news: you can take a private childbirth class that fits your schedule and covers what you want to know and pass over the things you don't.

What's wrong with the one at the hospital?

Well, nothing's "wrong" with the one at the hospital. Hospital childbirth classes tend to stick to the basics and focus on what it's like to give birth at that specific location. You'll come out with more knowledge than when you came in for sure, but there may not be time to answer your specific questions in the detail that you'd like. You can't skip what you already know, you have to take it on their schedule, and you don't get to choose who is there with you. It's better than nothing, but it's not for everyone.

If you and your partner have busy schedules that don't always line up, a private childbirth class is perfect for you.

Time is precious these days, and the last thing you or your partner want to do after a long day is schlep it out to ANOTHER thing. You want to come home, eat, put your feet up, and stay there. We come to you on your time, in the comfort of your home. We're also super not judging if you're eating pizza in your bunny slippers when we get there.

If you and your partner are more private and the thought of a group class makes you uncomfortable, a private childbirth class is perfect for you.

Group childbirth classes can be a time to make new friends, but for some, that's not the place they envision building lasting relationships. You might be uncomfortable talking about an intimate subject like birth around other people. You want to be able to speak freely and ask questions without getting the side-eye. Or maybe your history is complex with a history of infertility, loss, or a medically complicated pregnancy. You're doing pregnancy your own way, but you don't want to feel pressured to put on a happy face or share your story with people you don't know well. A private class in your own home can ensure you get the information you want in an environment that's sensitive to your needs and your story.

If you want to be able to stop and start and fast-forward through information at your pace based on your interests, a private childbirth class is perfect for you.

Our classes are in person and while it's not quite like watching something on DVR, a private class gives you a lot more control over what you're learning and the pace at which you learn it. Every family goes into birth with different priorities, and we want to make sure you learn what's most important to you. . If you already know about the birth process but want hands-on tools and ways to connect with your partner, we have a class for that. If you ONLY want hands-on comfort techniques, we've got you covered. If you want a full series, we have a 3-week option that goes in-depth on #allthethings so you can feel prepared for anything that comes your way.

I have a couple of friends who are pregnant, too. Can we do a class together?

Absolutely! To get a group rate, get at least 6 of you together and it's a party! Enjoy a smaller, more intimate setting with people you already know, love, and trust. It's a happy medium between a private class and a larger setting with people you may not know.

Excited to learn more? Head on over to our childbirth classes page or give us a shout on our contact page. We're pretty fast and will get in touch with you ASAP!




The IKEA Doula

Memphis is buzzing with excitement over the Grand Opening of our very own IKEA. The iconic blue building with yellow letters beckons with the promise of inexpensive home goods, plenty to look at, and delicious, inexpensive meatballs. ikea-1376853_1920-1

Let's face it, though. IKEA can be equal parts awesome and overwhelming, and a trip with kids requires a strategic battle plan. Enter: The IKEA Doula.

You know the drill by now: Doulas provide families with physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. We joke among colleagues about wishing we had a "Life Doula" to support us through difficult-to-navigate situations. Why should IKEA be any different?

Your IKEA Doula provides physical support during your trip.

Parking is a breeze with your IKEA Doula. She'll drop you off right at the entrance and meet you inside. Having trouble juggling your list, coffee, cart, and purse? Don't worry, your IKEA Doula can help! Need someone to watch your things while you take a much-needed potty break? We got you. Need one grownup to push the stroller so you can push the cart? Hold your spot in the food line because your toddler has to go potty RIGHT NOW even though they didn't when you asked them ten minutes ago? We'll even help you remember to sit down on the display couches and help you stay hydrated while you attempt to walk the entire store.

Your IKEA Doula provides you with the emotional support you need to make it through the store in one piece.

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering why you decided to even do this opening week? Need help keeping your goals in mind? This is where your doula shines. She'll remind you you're not alone, there's nothing wrong with sitting down for 30 minutes to regroup, that it's okay to not know which color you want right now. If you're exhausted, she won't judge you for taking a nap in one of the micro-apartments. It helps them look more realistic, right? She'll listen as you process how this piece will fit in your room versus that one, and won't tell you that you're overthinking and to "OMG JUST PICK SOMETHING ALREADY. IT'S A COFFEE TABLE." Your doula knows it's never just a coffee table and will listen and validate all of your feelings.

Your IKEA Doula is fully equipped to give you the informational support you need for a successful trip.

If you've never been to an IKEA before, your doula can help talk you through the process. If you need a list-making ninja, she'll make sure you've got the best list for you. She'll help you take measurements so you can know if that couch will indeed fit in your living room, and will help you locate every item you need in the warehouse part of the store. She'll help you find item number and help you make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

There's no such thing as an IKEA Doula, but don't you wish there were?!

Alas, this magical creature called the IKEA Doula isn't real, but if you're pregnant or a new mom in Memphis, you can get this kind of support through this beginning stage of parenthood! Experience that same magic in the form of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, overnight doulas, childbirth education, and lactation support.

P.S., if you want your postpartum doula to take Baby's First IKEA Trip with you, we totally do that. We'll even let you call us your IKEA doula while you're there ;)