Itty Bitty Bella | Boutique Week

Itty Bitty Bella is a baby boutique staple located in Collierville, TN. Their colorful displays, wide selection of items from baby to toddler, and knowledgeable staff will keep you coming back again and again.

When you walk into Itty Bitty Bella, it's like being transported into a whimsical wonderland where high-quality meets unique and fun for your growing baby. Every display is lovingly crafted and everything is clearly designed with the customer's experience in mind.

Itty Bitty Bella


Itty Bitty Bella offers a truly concierge baby registry service that is hard to beat!

Appointments are required for the baby registry at Itty Bitty Bella to ensure you get full attention and the best service possible. After you schedule your appointment, someone will walk around the store with you, talk you through all of your options, and make note of everything along the way. Your registry items are then put into a computer, and then each mom-to-be gets their own folder where Itty Bitty Bella records who purchased which item. You will have access to this folder when your registry is complete, so don't worry about losing that calling card!


One thing we thought was especially fabulous about Itty Bitty Bella's registry is that everyone gets their own shelf in the back where they can reserve and pre-order items that they have their heart set on. After baby is here, you come to a closeout appointment to do exchanges and can take advantage of the 15% discount on any remaining items on your registry.

All your baby "stuff" in one place

While other boutiques focus more on clothes and high-end gifts, Itty Bitty Bella can equip you with your everyday baby needs. Whether you're a minimalist or a baby gear aficionado, babies do come with a certain amount of "stuff" to help make our jobs as parents easier. Here, you can find strollers, bassinets, dining accessories, high chairs, car seats, toys, books, and most other odds and ends you can think of.


In addition to carrying many of your favorite brands, Itty Bitty Bella also boasts an impressive Skip Hop collection!

What's a baby to wear?

When it comes to trendy, yet high-quality clothing options, Itty Bitty Bella doesn't disappoint. Kissy Kissy, Pink Chicken, and Kickee Pants fill the back of the store and we had to pry ourselves away from feeling all of the soft, sweet baby outfits! They even have a selection of matching sets for twins.

Have you felt Kickee Pants clothes yet?

Fret not, Itty Bitty Bella has you covered with the smocked outfits you love!

Once you have clothing covered, you can't forget shoes! Right now they are excited about their fall Livie and Luca collection and the Wee Booties (aka "Huggs") that are in stock. They also carry moccassins from Freshly Picked and Native shoes for getting messy outdoors.

Do they make these Livie and Luca boots for grownups?

We are squealing over these, too!

And of course, you can't have a Southern baby boutique without monogramming! Itty Bitty Bella's monogramming service starts at $11 and goes from there. We may or may not monogram everything at prices that reasonable ;).

Monogram all the things!

Itty Bitty Bella is extremely active on social media, so it's easy to follow along and keep up with sales, new items, and contests.

Once you've taken a peek at Itty Bitty Bella and found something you love for baby, take care of mom and pair it with one of our online gift certificates!

Beach vacation with baby: Top 5 Tips

Are you planning a beach vacation with baby this summer? This year's trip to Destin, Gulf Shores, Pensacola, 30A, or your beach of choice might be different than before kids, but don't let that deter you from having a great time with your baby! Here are our Memphis doula Top 5 Tips for a beach vacation with baby:

Baby Beach Vacation Tip #1: The Magical Pop-Up Tent

If you're taking a beach vacation with baby, you might ask yourself questions like:

"What are we going to do for shade?" "What if baby is tired and needs a nap?" "What if we need some privacy or a quiet place to nurse?"

beach vacation with baby tent

Enter the magical pop-up tent. A small two-person adult tent is inexpensive, portable, requires almost no setup, and takes care of several logistical problems you might have. If the sand isn't allowing you to stake your tent, bury it around the edges a bit and it'll hold up better than an umbrella or gazebo on a windy beach day. If your baby is tired and needs to take a nap, there won't be anywhere 100% sand-free, but the tent provides a safe place for a snooze. If you need to change a diaper, your clothes, or need privacy for any reason, you're all set. Don't feel like baring all when breastfeeding on the beach? No worries- slip into your tent for a nurse and a cuddle.

Baby Beach Vacation Tip #2: Beat the Heat

beach-691392_640If it's possible, take your beach vacation with baby earlier in the season when the water is warm and the sun is, too! Avoiding scorching temps will mean baby is more comfortable and you get more of the beach time you love. If you can't go earlier in the season, hit the beach in the cooler parts of the day.

Baby Beach Vacation Tip #3: Don't Salt the Rim

No babies were given virgin or real margaritas in the making of this silly photo.

Perhaps this is common sense already, but in the interest of full disclosure for your beach vacation with baby: if you are a breastfeeding mother who plans to both get in the ocean AND nurse your baby, it's a good idea to rinse off your breasts before latching on. You might love a salted rim on your beach cocktails, but your baby is unlikely to feel the same way! In addition to salt, a quick rinse with some bottled water will get rid of any sand lingering on your breast and make breastfeeding on the beach much more enjoyable for your baby.

Baby Beach Vacation Tip #4: Less isn't more when it comes to dressing baby

Nobody likes a sunburn or a sandy bottom!

It can be difficult to keep sunscreen on a wriggling baby, and the less surface area you have to apply it on, the better.  Baby bikinis and swim trunks are super adorable, but perhaps not the best choice if you plan on spending a long time at the beach. Consider a hat and a short-sleeve or long-sleeve rash guard shirt with a high UPF to keep baby protected from the sun. It might seem counter-intuitive to put pants on a baby on the beach, but some light cotton pants are easy to slip on over a swim diaper, will provide a little sun protection, and keep sand away from the diaper area. Covering up will keep baby protected and comfortable, and reduce the amount of sunscreen you need to apply.

Baby Beach Vacation Tip #5: Rethink the "essentials"

IMG_0465You can have a great beach vacation with baby without bringing every baby item you own with you. Aside from clothing, diapering supplies, and a place to sleep, your baby doesn't need much to have a good time. It's difficult to maneuver a stroller on sand, so consider leaving it behind in favor of a baby carrier. Some simple sand toys and the shells and other interesting textures you find on the beach will be entertainment enough. After all, the best part of a beach vacation with your baby is the time you spend together!


Do you have any more tips for taking a beach vacation with baby? Share with us in the comments!