Coffee Affirmations (with free printable!)

Yesterday's post focused on self care, and it's no secret that coffee is high on the list of priorities for those of us who have little ones running around.  If you're in the birth world long enough, you might come across birth affirmations, or sayings that you repeat to yourself to help reframe your thoughts about your birth.  Some people make lists, and others go all-out and make pretty banners to hang in their L&D room. That's great and all, but once baby's here our need for affirmation doesn't stop there! If coffee makes your world go round, you'll enjoy this free printable: coffee affirmations

Click here to download the Coffee Affirmations Free Printable!

We love our coffee here at Doulas of Memphis,  so we've compiled a list of recommendations for where you can get great local coffee:

Our favorite coffee roasters:

J Brooks Coffee Roasters Relevant Roasters Ugly Mug Coffee

Our favorite coffee shops:

Cafe Eclectic (most family-friendly!) City&State Tamp&Tap Avenue Coffee

Tell us in the comments which "coffee affirmation" speaks to you, or leave us another suggestion for where to go for great coffee! If your coffee is only going so far and you could use the support of a postpartum doula, contact us and we'll be happy to help!