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When you're planning for baby, the vast majority of pregnancy and birth checklists out there all about what you need to do for your baby. But what about you? Giving birth is a feat no matter how you do it, and in the flurry and excitement of packing, it's easy to forget about the things you'll need after baby is here!

planning for baby

Planning for baby means planning for you, too. We asked some veteran moms about their must-have items for the hospital and back home. Here's what they said:

Of course you're going to pack toiletries and clothes for you and baby. Here's what to pack in your hospital bag for you:

Pillows from home: Because we know hospital pillows aren't known for their extra-fluffiness. Extra-long charging cable: Keep in touch when you want, from anywhere in your room. Oh, and Netflix. Chapstick: Trust us, it's a must-have. Mints: Freshen up until you can brush your teeth again. Comfy leggings or pajama pants: There's nothing quite like slipping on a pair of cozy pants after a nice shower. Soft, light robe: Be visitor-ready in no time! Fuzzy blanket from home: Hospital blankets are thin, and who doesn't love a fuzzy throw? Your favorite instant coffee (ex. Starbucks Via): Coffee emergencies are a thing. Water bottle: Skip the styrofoam and stay hydrated in style! Snacks for after birth: Your favorite takeout menus and a Designated Bringer of Food wouldn't hurt, either. Post-birth beverage: Finally, you can have that drink you've been craving your whole pregnancy! Nursing pillow: Save your neck and arms by bringing baby up closer to you. Nursing tanks/clothes to labor in: Nursing tanks are great for skin-to-skin after birth. Pair with a knee-length maxi skirt for an alternative to that hospital gown. Button-down or pull-down shirts: for easy nursing access.

You're back home with all of your stuff, and a new baby. Here's what to keep around for those days after birth:

Depends (No really, trust us!): Because it's no fun when your pad moves around. Tucks Pads: A common hemorrhoid relief, but they're oh-so-nice for a sore perineum too! Peri Bottle: A lifesaver when wiping is the last thing you want to do. Constipation relief: No shame in that stool softener game! Water bottle: Between taking care of a newborn, nursing, and recovering from birth, hydration in reach is essential! Late-night snack basket: When nighttime hunger strikes, you'll be prepared. Dim night light: So you can see to change that diaper and then get everyone back to dreamland Freezer meals: Consider hosting a freezer meal shower to stock up before baby comes. One-handed snacks: Feed baby and yourself at the same time! Fresh, cut-up fruits and veggies: Because you can only eat so much lasagna. Baby carrier: For hands-free snuggling and walking around. Lanolin/nipple butter: Relief for nipples that are adjusting to a newborn feeding schedule. Journal: A place for your thoughts and feelings. Extra phone chargers: It's no fun when you phone dies and you're stuck under a baby.  Postpartum doula: A postpartum doula is a valuable member of your village! We're there to make sure you have all of the help, rest, and support you need after baby comes home.

Love our list? What would you add?

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Self Care: Mom Edition

self care, memphis postpartum doula Self care is important for everyone, but it's especially important for moms. We all know that the holy grail of "Have coffee with friends and then wander around Target alone" doesn't happen often, so until then, we've compiled a list of everyday suggestions (complete with step-by-step instructions):

Have a miniature spa day

  1.  Get in shower
  2.  Wash hair
  3.  Shave legs from knees down

Get a face massage

  1.  Place baby near face
  2.  Close eyes, mouth, and nostrils
  3.  Enjoy massage

Take a luxurious bath

  1.  Fill bathtub with hot water
  2.  Light candles
  3.  Enjoy hot water for approximately 10 minutes

Potty alone

  1.  Hide all housekeys
  2.  Send family outside
  3.  Ignore all phone calls
  4.  Enjoy lack of audience
  5.  Magically find the keys again

Treat yourself to dessert

  1.  Make sure no one is watching
  2.  Procure chocolate
  3.  Consume chocolate in closet

Do some yoga

  1.  Start feeding baby
  2.  Notice phone is just out of reach
  3.  Channel inner contortionist

or...hire a Doulas of Memphis postpartum doula

  1.  Take as long as you need in the bathroom
  2.  Do actual yoga while your postpartum doula does the dishes and entertains baby
  3.  Eat the dessert your postpartum doula made for you while you were taking a nap
  4.  Drink coffee while it's still hot
  5.  Avoid google by asking your postpartum doula all of your new mom questions
  6.  Snuggle your baby while your postpartum doula folds all the laundry
  7.  Reconnect with your spouse while your postpartum doula puts baby to bed
  8.  Get a full night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  9.  Do something that makes you feel normal again
  10.  Eat a home-cooked meal that you don't have to cook or clean up

Here at Doulas of Memphis, our postpartum doulas want to know what self care means for you. Tell us in the comments!