Self Care: Mom Edition

self care, memphis postpartum doula Self care is important for everyone, but it's especially important for moms. We all know that the holy grail of "Have coffee with friends and then wander around Target alone" doesn't happen often, so until then, we've compiled a list of everyday suggestions (complete with step-by-step instructions):

Have a miniature spa day

  1.  Get in shower
  2.  Wash hair
  3.  Shave legs from knees down

Get a face massage

  1.  Place baby near face
  2.  Close eyes, mouth, and nostrils
  3.  Enjoy massage

Take a luxurious bath

  1.  Fill bathtub with hot water
  2.  Light candles
  3.  Enjoy hot water for approximately 10 minutes

Potty alone

  1.  Hide all housekeys
  2.  Send family outside
  3.  Ignore all phone calls
  4.  Enjoy lack of audience
  5.  Magically find the keys again

Treat yourself to dessert

  1.  Make sure no one is watching
  2.  Procure chocolate
  3.  Consume chocolate in closet

Do some yoga

  1.  Start feeding baby
  2.  Notice phone is just out of reach
  3.  Channel inner contortionist

or...hire a Doulas of Memphis postpartum doula

  1.  Take as long as you need in the bathroom
  2.  Do actual yoga while your postpartum doula does the dishes and entertains baby
  3.  Eat the dessert your postpartum doula made for you while you were taking a nap
  4.  Drink coffee while it's still hot
  5.  Avoid google by asking your postpartum doula all of your new mom questions
  6.  Snuggle your baby while your postpartum doula folds all the laundry
  7.  Reconnect with your spouse while your postpartum doula puts baby to bed
  8.  Get a full night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  9.  Do something that makes you feel normal again
  10.  Eat a home-cooked meal that you don't have to cook or clean up

Here at Doulas of Memphis, our postpartum doulas want to know what self care means for you. Tell us in the comments!