Add a manual pump to your breastfeeding toolkit | Video and Tutorial

When it comes to pumping breast milk, it's the age of the electric pump, but adding a manual pump to your breastfeeding toolkit is a good idea that makes for a great companion to your snazzy electric! In our YouTube series, Time Out with Doulas of Memphis, Abby gives the run-down on the handy (pun intended) manual pump!


The most common misconception surrounding the manual breast pump is that it is labor intensive. This is not true! Pumping with a manual is simple and yields a surprising amount of milk, and is convenient for date night, outdoor events, and times when you don't want to be chained to an outlet. Manual pumps are easy to store and take along with you, and eliminate the need for an extra pumping bag. They are also easy to rinse and clean on the go.

If you're a stay at home mom who only has the occasional pumping need, a manual pump could very well be the only pump you need! If you're an exclusive pumper or a working mom who pumps full time, a manual pump is good to have for outings when you need to keep things light and simple. If you air on the side of discretion, it's easy to throw on a nursing cover, pump, and go!

Photo Tutorial: How to store a manual pump for easy travel

Taking a manual pump with you is a breeze! You'll need:

Gallon ziploc bag Bottle Cap Pump body with valve and membrane attached Pump handle with diaphragm attached 1-2 extra breast milk storage bags

manual pump

In your gallon ziploc back, place the storage bags in first and then the remaining parts on top in a row.

Your parts should only take up the bottom half of the bag.

Next, squeeze out any air and fold the bag over.

This takes up WAY less space than simply putting the entire pump in your bag.

Finally, slide the bag into your purse and enjoy your outing!

manual pump in bag


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Dear Mommy | On going back to work

back to work

Dear Mommy,

I'm only a few months old, but I notice you've been feeling a little sad lately. I keep hearing you say something about going "back to work." What's that, Mommy? It's okay, Mommy. Let's play! Can you make me smile again? I know how to laugh now and it's so silly when you tickle my belly!

When we nurse and cuddle in our special chair, it's my favorite place in the whole world. I always feel safe and warm, just like when I was in your tummy. I like to hold your hand while we nurse, and the milk makes me sleepy and I like to close my eyes and listen to your heartbeat.

A few weeks ago, you said you had to go to the store and that Daddy was going to give me a bottle. I didn't know what a bottle was, but I know what milk means and I was hungry! It was different from our special nursing time, but I liked my Daddy snuggle too and my tummy got all full. He made sure I got all the bubbles out and I had a nice, clean diaper. Don't worry, Mommy, he did a great job. Can Nana give me a bottle sometimes too?

A few days ago, you told me that I was going on a special adventure to my babysitter's house. I heard you tell Daddy that it was a "test drive" for going "back to work."

I don't know what that is, but my babysitter was so nice, Mommy! She had toys and a cool swing and she played peek-a-boo with me! I took a nap and there was even another baby there too. We played together on this really colorful mat! I'm getting used to taking a bottle but don't worry, Mommy, I'll be so happy when you come to get me and we can have our special nursing time again.

We didn't do our normal morning things today. Today is the day when you go back to work.

You sure are busy getting lots of bags and your hair and makeup look so beautiful! I like it when you smile with your bright lipstick. Why are you crying, Mommy? I like my babysitter and we're going to have a great day! Can we play peek-a-boo one more time before we go? Can we have one more nurse and cuddle? Just one, Mommy, I promise it won't take very long.

I know it's hard when we aren't together, Mommy. I'm crying a little bit too, but I know we're going to be just fine. Daddy says he is proud of you, so I am too!

My babysitter will take good care of me until you come back. Thank you for getting all my milk ready! I think it's great that I can have milk even when you're not here with me. We're going to have the best cuddle when we get back together! Have a great day, Mommy!


Your baby