Having trouble fitting a childbirth class into your schedule? Want something more specific? Our private classes are taught by a registered nurse in your home and on your terms.

If our local hospital classes don’t quite have what you're looking for, or you can’t find a time that works for you, that’s where we come in. We have a variety of private childbirth class options that can be tailored specifically to your needs and knowledge base. All our classes are taught by co-owner Lindsey Hanna, a registered nurse with experience in Labor and Delivery. Lindsey educates families on a variety of topics from comfort measures for labor to a more intensive prepared childbirth experience. She won’t waste time on things you already know, and there’s always plenty of space for specific questions about the birthing process. Make it a private affair with you and a partner, or invite an expecting friend and learn together.

Prices from $125

Private childbirth education classes will be available in September 2018


“But I don’t want to hire a doula for my birth. I need help with EVERYTHING ELSE!” Our Executive Doula package was created for the planners who prefer to keep their birth a more private affair, but want to feel supported surrounding delivery. 

Prenatal Consulting: The Executive Doula package includes three 2-hour prenatal consulting sessions. We tailor these sessions to your specific needs, but can discuss topics from what you need to prepare for baby, the logistics of the hospital experience, birth planning and options, comfort tools for you and your partner, what to pack for the hospital, to preparing siblings and creating a postpartum plan. 

Postpartum Care: The Executive Doula packages rounds out your before-and-after support experience with three 4-hour visits from a postpartum doula. These visits are to help with adjusting to your new baby and making sure that you have the opportunity for self-care and to have your questions answered. After our visits, you can extend your postpartum care if you choose. 

Prices from $650